Innocent witches Wiki


Stats are needed to unlock various possibilities and to access special options in dialogues. Available for increasing through the desk interface no more than 4 times a day. For reaching a new level of any stat you are awarded investment points. You can find out the exact value of any stat in the journal on the "stats" tab.

Time Turner

Time turner can be found at the main entrance at night in chapter 4 or later. Spawns at random location point. It looks like a tiny white shimmery star. Click on it to pick up the turner. It will allow you to rewind time until Friday. To use it, open clock interface. In the left corner you will see the turner. You need to choose one of four stats, then you need to click on the turner icon itself. A week will be skipped and stats will receive a certain amount of boost. and selected stat will be boosted a little bit more strongly. After that time turner can be used again after a week.


Special Abilities

To unlock it, you need investment points obtained for increasing the level of any stat. Skills are of two types - passive and active. Passive skills are activated by themselves when necessary, and do not require player intervention. Active ones require manual activation to work. this can be done by clicking on the icons that appear above the head of Marcus after acquiring skills in the "stats" tab. Active skills work for one game hour and require a weekly recharge to reuse.


There are 2 types of legilimency in the game:
Summon her unofficially. A cloud of thoughts will appear above her. this cloud will display various colorless transparent objects, and only one will be colored. This colored object is the key to the diary.

Main Girls
Summon them officially and choose "seat and relax". A cloud of thoughts will appear above the character, which acts like wheels in a slot machine. The correct answer is the most frequent object in the loop. The frequency of this object increases in proportion to how high your level of perception is.

If you enter wrong answer into the diary - the password is reset, and you need to summon a girl again and find out new key.

Possible answers: