Innocent witches Wiki
Knowledge.png Act 1 Chapter 5. Decrypt all 4 prefects' diaries. Helloharry.png Prologue, click 2 times on Harry sitting on the roof of the front entrance.
Semenharry.png Act 2 Chapter 1. Lose more than 3 times in Susan's cups minigame, and then win. Shellsea.png In the dialogue with the mermaid select: I am not from here > naturalist > ask for shells > that's why i want these shells > i want the shells > lie > make a deal > go back on a deal.
Openclose.png Act 1 Chapter 5. Solve bedroom elder wand puzzle. Brainwash.png Act 1 Chapter 5.Force the girl to break IMVOIS.
Simonsays.png Act 2 Chapter 1. Fully undress the prefect in "manipulation"/"fervor" minigame. Nostalgia.png Prologue. Take 4 scraps from the noticeboard and visit all 4 faculty towers.
Nolanal.png Prologue. Tell Nola that you're a student. Decision.png Act 1 Chapter 4. Throw all 4 received bottles of alcohol and the ethanol into the fireplace, instead of drinking it.
Markusecret.png Act 1 Chapter 5. Become a tutor. Bruteforce.png Enter a code into the door lock without talking about it with Snape and before you see it in Ginny's scene.
Gangstabroom.png Act 1 Chapter 4. Ask Filch to fix your broom. Loveswallow.png Choose the option "in her mouth" in Ginny's scene.
Bookworm.png Act 1 Chapter 4. Look through all IMVOIS codex instead of checking specific pages. Fuckgon.png Prologue/Act 1 chapter 1. Go through Minerva's scene.
Kraken.png Choose the option "unleash the kraken" in Ginny's scene. Catcher.png Catch Ginny's snitch on hard mode.
Azkabancheck.png Open save/load menu and click on the book mark at lower right corner of the screen. Papermind.png Prologue. Hang the paper on the noticeboard.
Skulldeath.png In the dialogue with the mermaid select: I am not from here > naturalist > dive in > dive in > repeat 10 times. Drunksnape.png "Just drink" with Snape 10 times.
Wetpussy.png Give to Daphne "Whimsy's Witch Water" from Boni Bonka. Hufflecups.png Act 2 Chapter 1. Win 9 times in Susan's cups minigame.
Shamelock.png Act 1 Chapter 4. Visit all 4 faculty dorms accompanied by Minerva for swimsuits quest. Degustate.png Act 1 Chapter 5. Give correct answers 5 times in a row in "baker's delight" minigame, and the complete it.